At Home Music Program

Vicky Abad
April 23, 2020

Enjoy music at home – anytime, anywhere – with Kids Music Beat!

Welcome to music time in your home, at a time of your choosing! Our Kids Music Beat At Home Music Program delivers you 6 x 20-25 minute videos, to help your child explore the magic of music.

During each video you will spend time with Miss Vicky singing songs, making music and having fun. Together, we are going to tap into the capacity we all have as humans to make and enjoy music together.

At Music Beat Australia we believe that music should be accessible to everyone – anywhere, any time. We are dedicated to helping you connect with your musical self and use this to support your little ones as they grow, learn and develop.

Our research shows that the more you share music in the home with your children, the better the long term outcomes. So we are very excited to bring you this six-series of videos you can use in your home, at any time to make music and have fun together.

So we hope you enjoy this series, and it helps you and your family to ‘develop every day’, our philosophy here at Kids Music Beat. We believe once we have music as a part of our lives and development recipe it continues to affect us, our relationships, our neurology, our skills, and our emotions long after the music has stopped.

Now the music doesn’t even have to stop!

Please note: this product is delivered online via our website. You will receive logins and instructions on how to access the videos once you have enrolled.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 130 minutes (x6 music sessions, 20-25 minutes each)

Enjoy music at home now!


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