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Piano lessons BrisbaneMusic Lessons Brisbane: Piano, guitar, violin, singing and drama lessons for primary and secondary school aged children

Music Beat offers piano, guitar, violin, singing and drama lessons for primary and secondary school aged children. We even offer lessons for the parents too!

Children’s music lesson times are offered before and after school on Brisbane’s northside. Your child will learn musical skills essential for any budding musician!

Children’s Music Lesson Prices are:

  • Individual 30 minute lessons $32
  • Individual 15 minute lessons $18
  • Small groups (2 to 3 children) $15

The lessons are offered by Miss Vicky, Miss Chloe, Miss Joy, Miss Sarah and Miss Erin.

Dr Vicky is a highly qualified and experienced music therapist and music teacher, with over 20 years’ experience working with children.

Chloe has been teaching for the past 5 years at schools in Melbourne before moving to Brisbane and joining the My Musical Child team. She also plays and teaches the violin and flute, but her all-time favourite instrument is the guitar.

Joy loves sharing music making with children and adults alike. She has completed courses in music, therapy, and psychology at the University of Queensland, University of Melbourne and Massey University in New Zealand.

Sarah is an experienced music teacher of multiple instruments including voice, piano and guitar that she enjoys sharing with little Boppers and their families. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance and recently completed her Master of Music Therapy.

Erin has been involved in cultural activities such as music, dance and drama from an early age. She completed her grade 8 Australian Music Examinations Board exam in 2014 and finished her Bachelor of Arts (Music) at the end of 2017. She is super excited by the prospect of being able to share such a love of music with other people!

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Benefits of learning a musical instrument for children

Guitar lessons brisbaneActively learning to play a musical instrument, or learning to sing or perform drama help a child’s development in so many and varied ways.

Benefits include increased academic achievement, increased comprehension and maths skills, better coordination, and a greater capacity for memory. Learning to play a musical instrument also helps improve how the brain processes speech and can help improve your child’s reading ability.

Active participation and meaningful engagement in learning to sing, perform or to play a musical instrument helps to train your child’s brain to focus, concentrate and stay on-task not only during their lesson but in in the classroom and in other activities.

Children who study music from an early age also learn that there are rewards from hard work, practice, and discipline; important skills for accomplishing anything in life.

Your child will be filled with a sense of accomplishment after mastering a song, difficult chord, or instrument and strengthens confidence and self-expression.

Playing a musical instrument also develops fine motor skills.

Most of all though, playing music, singing and performing makes you feel happy! There are few pleasures that compare to sitting down with your instrument or raising your voice in song and letting your feelings flow through a musical piece.

Singing lessons brisbaneKids aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits of learning an instrument. Adults will also gain tremendously from playing a musical instrument by reducing stress,increase productivity, develop creativity, and build confidence. Discover the stress-relieving power of music today!

We are committed to music lessons being fun, interactive and child-centered. Learning an instrument and musical literacy is fun but it TAKES TIME. Learning an instrument requires practice and commitment. Please ensure that you read our Terms & Conditions before enrolling your child in music lessons.

For more information please call 1800 PLAY MUSIC or email Vicky at vicky@musicbeat.com.au

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