Dr Vicky’s Research Update

September 13, 2018

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Dr Vicky Abad will be presenting at the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMATA) national conference this weekend (14-16 September 2018), before jetting off to Canada to present her research on building family health and well being through music.

Dr Vicky, who is currently the AMTA President, will be presenting on how she grew Music Beat Australia to the business it is today, from one mothers’ music group that she started with friends when Miss MB was just four months old.

From there it will be straight on to Canada for an international symposium Mapping the musical life-course: Advancing theoretical frameworks and methodologies for understanding emergent affordances, challenges, and constraints across the musical lifecourse.

There she will present her research on the many benefits attending Music Early Learning Programs has for families.

Attending MELPs provides parents with access to great musical structures and strategies that they can take home to support their everyday parenting.

This includes using music to help teach their children, support little ones to grow emotionally and help structure day to day play and family activities.

This is important as a research project conducted with colleagues at the University of Queensland showed that the more children shared music in the home with their parents, the better their long term cognitive and social skills development.

While she is away Miss Penny and Miss Katherine will be taking her groups.

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