Families VIP Jam with Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band

October 24, 2019

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Kids Music Beat families gets the VIP treatment!

Miss Vicky and over a dozen Kids Music Beat families joined Lah-Lah, Buzz the Bandleader, Tom Tom, Squeezy Sneezy and Mr Saxophone for a pre-show VIP jam ahead of Lah-Lah Big Live Band Chermside concert in Brisbane on the weekend (20 October 2019).

Everyone had a great time dancing and shaking their tambourines along with the band.

Families got to meet the band and where introduced to the instruments. Lola the Double Bass was the clear favourite!

We learned that Lola is the largest instrument in the violin family. That a snare drum gets its sound from the stretched out springs (or snares) on the underside skin. That a piano accordion is actually a wind instrument that is played by moving (or squeezing) the bellows in and out.

We also learned that a saxophone mouthpiece contains a reed and makes a horrible duck sound when it’s blown into (when it’s not in the saxophone). But when in the instrument it produces a beautiful, mellow sound.

That’s why we love Lah-Lah at Kids Music Beat; they are not only great entertainers but provide such wonderful opportunities for our children to have access to quality music and be able to experience the instruments up close first hand.

Check out our photos below from the show!

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