Pre-Prep Rockstars meet 200 year old Double Bass

February 28, 2019

A musical immersion program for the whole brain

This week, Dr Robert Davidson, world renowned composer and double bass player of Topology visited our Pre-Prep Rockstars to show them his 200 year old double bass.

As well as hearing the beautiful sounds it made, the children each got to play!! An instrument so old and beautiful is just incredible!!

This whole session was led by the children in relation to what they were experiencing and learning in the moment. The children sang along to requests played live on the double bass and guitar, including Happy Birthday for one lucky birthday boy!!

The session finished with Dr Davidson improvising a bass line along to our song book Love is in the Air and Miss Vicky sang.

This kind of musical immersion is not only developing the little one’s musical brains, it is developing their whole brain and their hearts.

Research shows very clearly that making music increases brain function by changing the way the brain wires over and above listening to music.

musical immersion

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