Parent Workshop: understanding sensory processing

August 1, 2018


On Saturday 18 August 2018 Kids Music Beat – the home of Boppin’ Babies – hosted a workshop with Dr Carina Capra on understanding sensory processing and how it affects children.

Dr Capra has prepared some take home notes and you can download HERE. If you would like more information on sensory processing you can contact Dr Capra via email carina@thoughtfulhealth.com.au

About the workshop

We all want our children or ourselves to be happy, learn, be successful and be able to adapt to our ever-changing environment.

But, this can be challenging.

Managing attention, arousal levels and behaviours are the “behind the scenes” skills kids need, and to help them develop these skills you need to understand sensory processing.

Our senses give us information about our body and the environment around us. Our brains must organise all of these senses in order for us to move and learn and behave normally. The brain locates, sorts, and orders sensation – something like a traffic policeman directing moving cars.

When the flow is not organised, life can be like peak hour traffic jam!

Dr Carina Capra, Adjunct Fellow from the UQ Centre for Clinical Research, and Dr Vicky presented a workshop on Saturday 18 August on how our brain uses sensations to form perceptions, behaviours and affect learning.

During the workshop parents learned:

  • How anxiety, anger and big emotions can be due to sensory processing difficulties
  • How children process sensory input can affect their skills
  • The ‘why’ kids behave and react the way they do, based on what we know about the neurosciences
  • What you can do to improve your child’s functioning and reduce distress


Dr Carina CapraAbout Dr Carina Capra
Carina is a highly experienced Occupational Therapist with a Doctorate in Psychology. Carina works in the area of child, adolescent and youth psychiatry in both the public and private sector. Her interests are in neurodevelopmental psychiatry and using behavioural strategies to support functional outcomes. She aims to enable children, youth and families to live satisfying and meaningful lives, regaining a sense of achievement, self-esteem and well-being.




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