Boppin’ Babies Early Childhood Music Kit


Early Childhood Music Kit designed by Dr Vicky for you to bop away at home between weekly music classes.

Enjoy your own special musical moments together and enhance your little one’s social, physical and linguistic skills.

Includes animal castanet, hand bell, egg shaker, Boppin’ Babies maraca, lolliop drum, coloured play scarf, ribbon, all in a carry bag.

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This Early Childhood Music Kit has been specifically designed for little Boppers!!

Dr Vicky has designed this kit for you so you can bop away at home between your weekly music classes. By doing so you will continue to will build your own special musical moments together and also enhance your little person’s social, physical and linguistic skills.

This kit includes:

  • 1 x animal castanet (for pincer grip work and building farms and going on animal adventures)
  • 1 x hand bell (for practising different concepts)
  • 1 x pair of colourful egg shakers (for Shake it up baby! and concept comprehension work)
  • 1 x Boppin’ Babies maraca (just because you can never shake enough)
  • 1 medium (20cm) lollipop drum with beater (to play on the big bass drum and practise eye hand coordination and bi-lateral hand control)
  • 1 x coloured play scarf (for dancing and / or hiding)
  • 1 x ribbon for making beautiful rainbows

All of this comes in a beautiful carry bag so you can pack it away neatly at the end of music time.

(Please note these quantities differ from the picture)

Ideas to build on your kit:
If you want to expand your music time and experience you could add:

  • 1 x rainmaker for quiet time and colour comprehension work
  • 1 x Sing & Grow Together CD to accompany your singing
  • 1 x ribbon so you can be a butterfly and dance around the room
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