Share making music with your child

Vicky Abad
September 13, 2016

Share music with your child

At Boppin Babies all the music we play is live and every parent participates in the group, no matter the age of your child. This way the children get to experience making music in the moment every week and you get to be in that moment with them.

Why do we do this?

Because we know the research and we know the world is changing, and the way people use music is changing too. Let me explain a little further…

Boppin’ Babies is an evidence based program, which means we don’t follow fads, we base what we do on research outcomes, including Miss Vicky’s research projects. We know from the research, that making music is when the real magic happens!

This is when little brains light up and neurotransmitters fly, and parents and children share a special moment, entrained together through the music. We also use live music because we want to support and empower you to take music home and use it all day long! Listen to it, watch it, move to it absolutely, AND importantly, make music live.

By immersing you and your child in live music we provide guidance, tips and resources to use in the home.  This is because we believe that ultimately you are your child’s first and most important teacher and we want to make sure you have the confidence and resources to continue making music at home.

If you are already super confident that is even better! We will simply add to your musical parenting tool kit, and ask you for some tips to share too!!

Our world is changing rapidly and the way we use music is changing with it

Some of these changes are wonderful – we have greater access to music now and we can access it all the time.

We also have a better understanding of just how beneficial music is in supporting the development of our little ones, thanks to modern technology.  While this is great, nothing can replace you – marketing  might imply a certain app or video is educational, and it might be fabulous, but it can NEVER replace you – live music shared with you is best for your baby.

So don’t think that modern music apps, shows or recorded music replaces you! Nothing can replace you, the musical parent.

Music technology is great but music making is a social and cultural act and part of our very being. For little people it is especially important that the music making occurs in a social environment and preferably with a grown up (you) who loves them and can scaffold the learning that occurs inevitably through music.

Boppin’ Babies provides you and your little bopper with this support and scaffolding at our groups with our highly trained staff by playing the music live.

Making music is magical

Share it with your child today. Sing songs and make up musical games. Grab the Tupperware and the pots and pans and make a band!!

You can download our free ebook Musical Kids Are Happy Kids: How to use music in the home to soothe, entertain and educate in 5 easy steps to help get you started.










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