Rockin’ Tots: 13 months to 2.5 years

Rockin-Tots Age GroupWhat is a Rockin’ Tot you ask? It is a tot that rocks of course!

This age group has a greater focus on making music with the whole body, including singing, dancing, moving to music and playing instruments.

Our Rockin’ Tots always start by singing hello to their friends. This gives us a change to practise very important toddler social skills.

Then we love to sing!

Our groups are all voice led by professional staff who are qualified in music.

Singing is a great way for your toddler to practise using their newly forming words and sounds.

Singing also makes you feel good! Endorphins are released when you sing and this makes you (and us) happy!

Young toddlers have found their legs and they want to move

After we sing hello to each other, and practice our social skills, we are often up and dancing!!

There is a much greater focus on getting our groove on and moving to music.

Even though your toddler person is now interested socially in their peers, they are still developmentally more likely to engage in parallel play. That’s why our dances are designed for little people dance on their own as part of the big group, and with your support.

We use our music therapy skills to engage the whole body in moving to music, and then entrain to the music so that the group, full of little individual boppers still moves as one.

As you toddler gets older we incorporate movement that requires greater coordination, engaging and attending skills.

We use a lot of pacing, and ebb and flow through these sessions to allow your toddler a space to move in and out of the activities and practice attending to task.

We know that they are still very young and sometimes just need a quick break before continuing to engage in the group.

All our music is played live

At Rockin’ Tots we make music. Real live music. We are proud that our staff are qualified musicians (and often dual qualified therapists and teachers).

Research shows that little brains light up and neural pathways develop when children make music.

All music participation is great and we want to give you the skills to play music at home. We want you to feel confident to go home and make music live as this is what helps little brains grow.

We provide information and support to you throughout the session so you feel comfortable to do just that.

Our Rockin’ Tots play a wider range of instruments than our babies. These instruments require different skill sets, such as great hand coordination, eye –hand co-ordination or the use of two hands (bi-lateral hand control) that focus on developing concepts, music early learning skills and physical development skills while being age and developmentally appropriate. They also make different kinds of sounds and are fun to explore.

For example, we introduce the mallets to play the drums in the Rockin’ Tots groups, as well as instruments like clave sticks, glockenspiels and sets of shakers that require eye-hand coordination and bi-lateral hand control to master.

We also break out the ukuleles to jam on every now and then, but we are aware that at this young age they often cause more frustration than fun, so the group leader will make a call on this one each week.

Music helps make learning so much easier

Our Rockin’ Tots still have quiet time, like all our groups, and now the focus is on learning to co-regulate emotions.

In the bubs group you were doing it for your bubs by other-regulating. This is an important shift and a big job for little people, which music makes so much easier. We also love reading song books during this quiet gentle time.

Experience the magic that is making music with a toddler, with all of their energy, spirit, and freedom in an environment that understands and celebrates these great toddler traits

Join us to see for yourself the magic that is Rockin’ Tots!






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Weekly Music Group Fees

Kids Music Beat weekly music sessions for children and parents are charged in 10 week terms, payable in advance.

A 10 week term costs $185.00 inc GST (= $18.50 per child, per week). Weekly groups run for 45 minutes. Family rates are applicable for families with two or more siblings over 12 months of age. Siblings under 12 months attend free of charge.

You can join a group at anytime during the term and you will only be charged for the remaining number of sessions of the term. Your fee will be automatically calculated for you when you Register.

If you cannot attend for the entire term you can purchase a three session Starter Pack ($70 inc GST). One Starter Pack per customer. Once you have completed your Starter Pack we require you to make a Term Booking or purchase a Casual ticket to continue attending.

Casual spots are available in classes that are not fully booked. Casual attendance costs $25.00 (inc GST) per session.

Make up sessions can be attended at any Kids Music Beat location within the same term as the missed session.

You can also Register for one $10 trial session if you are new to Kids Music Beat and would like to experience a group in action before signing up for the Term.

Any questions? We have probably answered them here.

Term Dates

Term 4, 2019: Tuesday 08 October to Friday 13 December

Term 1, 2020: Tuesday 28 January to Friday 03 April

Term 2, 2020: Monday 20 April to Friday 26 June

Term 3, 2020: Monday 13 July to Friday 18 September

Request A Trial Session

Join us for a trial!

Come along and enjoy a $10 trial session if you are new to Music Beat and would like to experience our music groups in action.

A trial session lasts for 45 minutes. You’ll be joining our regular Boppers so it’s a great opportunity for you to experience Boppin’ Babies, meet our group leaders, and see the smiles and giggles as the children enjoy themselves.

But don’t take our word for it, read what our happy parents say about our program.

To register for a trial session, select your Booking Location. Once you choose your preferred location and day you’ll be directed to a booking form.  Choose ‘Trial – I want to try before I sign up’ from Select a Package and complete the registration form.

We look forward to welcoming you and your little bopper!

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