Sasha sleeps so fantastically well after music time

Sasha sleeps so fantastically well after music time I like to think its because she is so well entertained by Miss Vicky and everyone singing. Sasha laughs through most of the class so she must be having a good time. Plus its amazing for her social development. Groups are run… Read More


He adores Miss Vicky’s ducks!

My daughter started doing Boppin Babies when she was 1 year old when it came to her childcare centre in 2013. She loved it every week & we would see photos after every session of her playing her shakers & dancing. I started my son in the program at 9… Read More


Not just a music class

I am aware that the body of scientific evidence demonstrating the positive impact that music has on the developing brain is growing. Boppin’ Babies is a super fun way for young children and babies to participate in music. But, it is not just a music class. The activities in each… Read More


Live music and skilled musicianship

I have attended Boppin’ Babies with my children since my eldest was three months old (she is nearly 7 now and my youngest is 20 months). Not only do the kids love the program but we have found its flexibility simply fantastic. Having a Registered Music Therapist run each session… Read More


A new and energetic magical world

Boppin’ Babies opened a new and energetic magical world for Master Hudson. Every lesson he lights up & is a vivacious member of the group. It has encouraged us as parents to nourish his keen interest and surround him with music & instruments at home & the happiest and most… Read More


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